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HPE risk in summary RR Next 12 and 24 hours rainfall probabilities Quantiles

The quantiles of RR24 give information about rain amounts predicted by ensemblists models. Maps of Q'X' show the predicted rain amounts predicted by the member for which X% of others members predict less rain.
For example, for an ensemblist model like PEAROME, not used here, which contains 12 members, the Q25 map represents the amounts for the 3rd member in increasing order of predicted rain.
D1 Quantiles

J Quantile 25 - PEARP

J Quantile 25 - PEPS

J Quantile 50 - PEARP

J Quantile 50 - PEPS

J Quantile 75 - PEARP

J Quantile 75 - PEPS

J Quantile 100 - PEARP

J Quantile 100 - PEPS
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