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3rd HyMeX workshop 1-4 June 2009 Heraklion (Gournes), Crete-Greece

Characterization of the lightning activity and precipitation in South of France in preparation of the first SOP HyMeX campaign

Eric Defer (Observatoire de Paris); Sylvain Coquillat (Laboratoire d'aerologie), Veronique Ducrocq (MeteoFrance), Laurent Labatut (MeteoFrance)

In the frame of HyMeX the PEACH (Projet Electricité Atmosphérique pour la Campagne HyMeX) team has proposed to document the lightning activity in the Mediterranean Basin at different spatial and temporal scales with the help of observational- and modelling-based studies (Defer et al., 2008). The PEACH team also proposed to relate the lightning activity to the storm dynamic and microphysical lifecycle as well as to precipitation for nowcasting and assimilation applications. Because the PEACH proposal suggested the deployment of specific lightning detection sensors during HyMeX Special Observation Periods (SOP), we have been performing a study of the lightning activity recorded in South of France, region proposed as potential first HyMeX SOP area, based on 17 years of Météorage records (from August to December between 1992 and 2008). The operational lightning detection network Météorage is designed to detect and locate the cloud-to-ground activity. In addition an analysis of the correlation between rain and lightning activity in the same regional area has been performed based on 1-h rain accumulation provided by MétéoFrance rain gauge network. We will present the main results of the analysis with the help of lightning density maps, lightning rates and precipitation amounts on seasonal and diurnal basis.

Defer E., G. Molinié, P. Blanchet, P. Lalande, P. Laroche, H.-D. Betz, A. Bennett, S. Soula, S. Coquillat, J.-F. Georgis, J.-P. Pinty, and C. Barthe, Detection, Analysis and Use of the Lightning Activity during the HYMEX experiment, proposed to HyMeX Science Plan and Implementation Plan, 2008.